What We’re Manifesting This Year!


January 2014 Newsletter

Happy New Year!
It’s a brand new year, and, as I watch the birds and write
in my journal this morning, I’m curious to see what will
manifest in my life this year. How about you?

Four Spots Left for Spring Series!
Perhaps a women’s writing circle is in your future!
If so, I’ve got 4 spots left for the first ever
Women Writing for (a) Change, Jacksonville,
Spring Series, starting January 15.
Only one week left to sign up! You can register here.

I know. You’re scared. Yes, it does take time
to build community. Yes, it does take time for themes
to emerge, for trust to be built, for the voice to be revealed.
And yes, for so many of us, it has been well worth it.
If you are ready to manifest something new
for yourself this year, please join us.

Have You Picked Your Word?
Speaking of manifesting your future, have you
“picked your word” for the year?
I’ve picked mine: Embrace! And I’ve posted some journal prompts
to help you use words to shape your year:
http://www.womenwritingjacksonville.com. Check it out!

Planned for 2014
In 2014, we’ll be conducting a Spring Series and a Fall Series,
leading a workshop at MOSH in February, offering
the Journal-To-The-Self workshop in May,
and planning women’s writing circles at the jail
as well as the Women’s Center. I also intend to support
the work of Hope At Hand and create and exciting art/writing event
with artist Sarah Crooks Flair in her new studio space.

Outreach: We Made A Difference!
We raised $1,000 for Rethreaded through donations from our
Sampler Series in October! That means through writing,
we helped women coming out of the sex trade
find dignified work. Thank you, Women Writers!
Also, thanks to the Women’s Center for allowing me
to lead their Bosom Buddies Support Group
in a garden-themed writing circle.

Special Thanks
I want to especially thank the three women
who sponsored seats for our Fall Sampler:
Beth Horn, Darlene Goetzman, and Karen Knight,
all of whom are changing the world their way.
Thanks also to Rethreaded’s Kristen Keen
for helping to promote the Sampler.
p.s. check out Darlene’s 20-minute Busyness Break at 1 p.m. EST Wednesdays!

It’s Official!
WWf(a)C Jacksonville is now officially licensed,
as I signed the final papers in December at the headquarters of
WWf(a)C in Cincinnati during my graduation from
the Conscious Feminine Leadership Academy.
More info on WWf(a)C activities: http://www.womenwriting.org

In The Garden
I’ve been writing quite a bit so far this year, including how
the bluebirds came to visit me on the first day of the new year.
Please take a look at this and my other blog posts.
I would love your feedback.

A Final Word
It’s taken me a long time to find my voice,
and to begin to listen to it. I found that voice in the pages
of my journal and in my women’s writing circles.
I hope that you, too, will find the time and the resolve
to listen to your own inner voice this year.
If you hear the call, register today for the Spring Series.

Blessings on you in the new year.
Jennifer Wolfe

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