What’s your word for 2014?


I picked “embrace.”  It came to me, in a conversation with my journal.  I’d had a dream about grains, and, when I looked up the symbolism, it was all about prosperity and happiness.  So, my journal suggested I “embrace” this idea.  Then I looked at the cover of my journal, where it said, “Embrace The Day.”

Hmmm. Is that clear direction from the Universe, or what?

Emerging "embrace" collage for 2014.

Emerging “embrace” collage for 2014.

I like the idea of “embrace.”  It’s not…grab. Seize. Snatch. Just…gently hug.  To hug the day. Am I willing to do that? Can I embrace my life, and everything around me, without clutching it? (This was a necessary skill I used last night when I agreed to my teen-agers not being home with me for New Year’s, but “out” with their friends. Breathe, Jennifer, breathe.)

Somebody asked me today if I make “resolutions.”  The answer is, not anymore.  It seems too direct.  Too demanding.  Too much of a setup for failure! Instead, I’d rather do a diagram, or write  in my journal, or make a collage about what I hope will manifest in the new year.

Which, in fact, I did today.  All three of those things!  And I like what’s emerging.

When I asked some of my friends what their word for the year was going to be, they came back with “Risk.” “Faith.” “Trust.”  Then one of them sent me a text about what she had done to usher in the new year (and I quote):

“You girls will laugh but I’m insisting on a successful and blissful…. That being said, my friend Christy and I looked up all these crazy New Year’s rituals from around the world….The cliff note version of our night included eating beans for dinner (mex food). Taking our dogs to the park while wearing lots of different colored underwear where we then burned all the things we want to let go of and sent them away with love in red paper lanterns, came home and threw orange peels and money in our entry ways, opened up all our windows to let out old and in new, walked in our doorways with our right foot first, then watched some tv while eating 12 grapes -making a wish for each one!! Today we will eat all round food and black eyed peas, avoid cleaning, poultry, using sharp objects. We will take a walk, bury our wishes for 2014 and open up our brand new clean calendars for the year! If this doesn’t cover All the bases then I don’t know what will!!”

New Year’s Eve dinner soufflé

I did laugh.  And, I opened my windows, stepped with my right foot into the door, and plan to eat all round things for dinner tonight!

Journal prompts:

  • What is your word or phrase for the coming year?
  • What is the biggest risk you took back in 2013, and, what did you learn from taking that risk?
  • Who are you most committed to being in 2014?

Feel free to post your responses in the comments below. I have more prompts for the new year and to wrap up the old, if you are interested. Contact me.

Ready to invest in yourself this year?  Register for the first ever Women Writing for (a) Change, Jacksonville, Core Class, beginning January 15.  I have four spots left as of today. 

Each day of this year is a blank page.  Consider writing your story in a circle of supporting women. I’d love to welcome you into the circle with a warm embrace.

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  1. Your site and work is so inspiring Jennifer! So happy we met yesterday!

    ENGAGE is my word for 2014 and it couldn’t feel more appropriate now that the year of the Horse has kicked in! After 2013’s year of inward reflection, shedding of skin, (after all it was the year of the Snake!), and aligning more fully to my core essence, I am chomping at the bit ready to gallop and go! The starting gate is opening, and I’m seeing the horizon ahead ripe with new possibilities, verdant pastures awaiting my enthusiastic commitment to be fully who I Am in the world around me.

    Engaging my passion, I move freely now with purposeful direction, giving voice to the expression of my soul. Sovereign and free, I master my energy, directing my spirited nature, disciplining the mind, body and emotion, to flow in alignment with my soul’s purpose; offering the fullness of my authentic core’s essence in service to others. Fully independent and at the same time, connected with the world around me, I offer my strength, beauty and power, engaging with all those whose paths I cross. And so happy our paths have crossed Jennifer! 🙂

  2. That reminds me, several other folks wrote in about their words: Here’s just one: Christine, a mother of 8!

    “My word for this year: I had somewhat of a difficult time choosing this word. To choose only ONE word to represent a whole year… wow. All my intentions, hopes, dreams and goals are expressed in this one word.

    Eucahristeo… I just read “A Thousand Gifts ” and this word represent 3 words grace, joy and thanksgiving. And honestly those 3 words represent my focus this year.

    My goal for my life is to have change and I believe by embracing Eucahristeo – grace, joy and thanksgiving, that change will come.

  3. Jennifer, I love this website!!!!!!! It came up first!!!!!!!! Did you do this yourself?
    It caught my attention with the Indian woman’s face. Then Speaking up,. I was thinking why I want a web site like this before I knew it was yours!!!!!!!!!!!!

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