What’s THEIR Passion?


IMG_4992Part Three of Three

On February 25, I attended PechaKucha Night here in Jacksonville, which was organized around the theme of “What’s Your Passion?” I was moved by what I saw and heard.

  • I heard a father, Carl, speak passionately and proudly about his daughters, how fearless, determined, and free they are.
  • I heard Jessie talk about how writing, at age 12, transformed him from victim to survivor.
  • I heard Cole talk about his passion for “authentic” expression.
  • I heard Cathleen inform us that the #1 litter in the world is cigarette butts: 2 billion butts are thrown away EVERY DAY!
  • I saw the tears of Amy, who authentically spoke of her love and respect for her mentor, Paul.
  • I heard Kathy ask an important question I love to ask: “Hey, what’s cool about you?”
  • I heard Joe say his passion is “to help creators grow,” and then he reminded us to “be the change,” to be the “one spark” that changes everything.

These are powerful passions, and each one spoke to me.

Which is why it is so gratifying for me, as the facilitator of Women Writing for (a) Change, Jacksonville, to do this work. It is an authentic transformation process that is working, right here, right now, helping women to do all of the things listed above:

  • to be fearless and free,
  • to transform from victim to survivor,
  • to be authentic,
  • to speak up about what bothers us,
  • to cry our tears,
  • to ask important questions, and
  • to help creators grow.

It takes hard work, and dedication, and resilience.  And passion. Like gardening, as I learned from my 10-year-old gardner friend, Evan.

I am grateful for the seeds that are sprouting here in Jacksonville. And I want to celebrate that today.

In the garden.

Journal prompt: So…what’s YOUR passion?

p.s. If you’d like to celebrate the passionate, authentic women of Women Writing for (a) Change, Jacksonville, please come to our Public ReadAround on Sunday, May 18, from 2-4 p.m., at the fabulous Coastal Occasions in Jacksonville Beach!  More details here.

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