Help Us Plant A Garden: Writing Circles Planned For Military Women


IMG_0936Today we are launching a campaign to help us “plant a writing garden” for military women in Jacksonville, for veterans, military spouses and partners, and caregivers.  We’ve launched a GoFundMe Campaign to gather the seed money we need to conduct research on the specific needs of this community.  Please consider helping by going to our funding site, GoFundMe/MilitaryWomen, where you can find more information about our program.

But don’t take my word for it.  Please, listen to this excellent podcast from the storytelling group called The MOTH, in which 97-year-old woman Dawn Seymour tells her story, about how she, too, a veteran of World War II, planted a garden that has finally blossomed. Dawn’s Story.


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  1. Quite a noble endeavor, Jennifer. Thanks for spreading this valuable information. I love seeing the ways people use a writing practice to weave a history of human culture, equal rights, inspiring voices, love, loss, tragedy and victory. This would make a terrific subject for a JournalTalk episode. I will try getting in touch with Dawn Seymour and MOSH. Let me know if you are also interested.

    • Hi, Nathan!
      Thanks for your support! Of course I’d love to share more about this work on a JournalTalk episode. BTW, I corrected my typo; It’s called THE MOTH, not MOSH! (MOSH is a local museum, lol). Just let me know how we could work with you on this; I’ll follow up by email. Thanks again for your interest! Cheers, Jennifer

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