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This Summer: Ukuleles, Beyond Bars, and (new!) Our Writing


Gather the women; save the world. — Jean Shinoda Bolen

It’s been a busy spring and summer for Women Writing for (a) Change here in Jacksonville.  We finished up our Spring Series in early May, held our first Public ReadAround mid-May, and began our Summer Series at the Women’s Center in early June.

Public ReadAround at Coast Occasions in Jax Beach

Public ReadAround at Coastal Occasions in Jax Beach

In the mix of all that, I presented a workshop at the National Association of Poetry Therapy in Scottsdale called Song of the Soul, which I repeated in Austin on June 5 and will conduct again in New York City in August. (My ukulele plays a key role.)

Plus, we also held our first ever Feed Your Creative Soul Art and Writing Retreat at the Evervess Studio in May, mixing art and writing, a little dance, and even some delicious organic food from Down to Earth Farm here in Jax.  Maybe you heard our promo spot on NPR’s Morning Edition?  If not, listen to it on our media page here.

Feed Your Creative Soul Retreat

Feed Your Creative Soul Retreat

Speaking of publicity, it was fun to get another article published on us, this time in Jacksonville Magazine (here’s the link). Also had fun presenting on compassion for PechaKucha Night in St. Augustine on May 14.

I’ve got one more session planned for the Summer Series at the Women’s Center, in which I’m writing with the formerly incarcerated women of the Women Renewed program. They are getting training and finding employment to transition to self-sufficiency “beyond bars,” in the outside world. (Thanks so much to all of you who have funded our effort with the GoFundMe campaign!

This is a magical, miraculous experience, let me tell you.  I am so amazed by the tenderness, the thoughtfulness, the poetry of these women.  Whatever assumptions I may have had going into this (and I tried not to have any) have been shattered.  They so totally and completely GET it.  And their writing ROCKS.

In fact, we’re going to have a “private” ReadAround at the Women’s Center next week, after we finish our last session Monday. So watch for some posts on that, I hope.

Collage from the Women Renewed Series at the Women's Center.

Collage from the Women Renewed Series at the Women’s Center.

I was especially thrilled because my daughter, Camille, has been able to assist me at several of these circles, which has been good for her and for me.  She can see what I’m doing and get exposure to a world that she has not seen up close before.  This is good for everyone.

Not to mention, I finished two videos on The Conscious Feminine and posted to the media page on our site.  Check them out here; I’d love your feedback.  I also decided recently to become the Regional Coordinator for Gather The Women, an international group of women who are holding sacred circles to promote peace and prosperity for all, based on the book The Millionth Circle by Jean Shinoda Bolen.  I’ll be holding a regional event in March 2015 in honor of  National Women’s History Month.  More to come on all of that.

I am looking forward to our Fall Series starting September 10, 2014, for which we actually only have a couple spots left.  Register by August 1 for the Early Bird Rate of $300.  You can register here.  You can also sign up for the Fall Sampler on Wednesday, August 27, which should be a lot of fun.  Register for that here.

Manatee musings (image credit Wikipedia)

Manatee musings (image credit Wikipedia)

But the MOST TIMELY reason I’m writing is because I wanted to encourage you to check out a NEW page of our website, which is called Our Writing, in which we feature some of the women writers who have participated in our circles.  Check out “You Found Me” (tender and lovely) and Naturally Curly Hair” (hilarious).  I guarantee you will enjoy them.

I hope all of you are enjoying a slightly slower pace this summer.  After a spate of travel, I myself spent the last couple days in my garden, catching up on mulching and weeding and filling up all of my bird feeders.  The bluebirds have built a nest in my new bluebird box, and the eggs have hatched! I’m thrilled to rest and enjoy the haze of summer as I sit on my garden bench and dream of new ideas and more circles of Women Writing for (a) Change.

Peace to all of you.

p.s. check out more info and stories on our new Facebook Page!  And please “like” us if you want regular updates.

Conscious Feminine Leadership


Part Two of a Two-Part Series on The Conscious Feminine

I hear talk these days of “Conscious Leadership,” at least on the web.  Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? But I think we need more than “Conscious Leadership” to save the world.  I think we need “Conscious Feminine Leadership.”

I recently posted my views on the Conscious Feminine. As a follow up, here’s a talk on Conscious Feminine Leadership that I also gave at my church. These are my views only.  Take what you like, and leave the rest.

I do invite you, however, to share your ideas on this.  Please consider posting one “gift” and one “challenge” based on what you heard.  Below the video, I’ve posted the responses the congregation gave after the service. I would love to hear your thoughts as well.

Spoiler alert: I do call out the system that has created the Angela Coreys of this world.  I feel obliged to speak my voice.  Please consider adding yours.


Gifts Challenges
Circle round [at the end] Not going for profit
To use the word “allow” in my leadership work To continue to “allow” both for myself and others
Tolerance Give it a wider voice
Forgiveness is a gift Letting go is a challenge
Base goals on “values”
Enoughedness Enoughedness
Gift and challenge is the same.  As a manager in a place constantly “evaluating,” to make the time to share freely and without judgement the beautiful gifts I see in each of my employees. Gift and challenge is the same.  As a manager in a place constantly “evaluating,” to make the time to share freely and without judgement the beautiful gifts I see in each of my employees.
The greatest gift is love.
Heart disease is a woman’s biggest killer.  Be Vegan. Reduce risk.  vegan.com
Allowing depth, diversity — not having to be uni-dimensional To not create sameness in the effort to create equality 
The view of the beautiful quilt is a gift. Challenge is trying to sing new and difficult song.
The topic. No Fear. [heart symbol] Inertia. Status quo.
Perspective Perspective
Celebrating enoughedness. Listening. Sitting down.  Thanks…Carlos.
My daughter will enter a more enlightened world. Significant challenges ahead.
Standing for ourselves. Standing for ourselves.
My ears to listen. To do a sit down with a woman in my life.
Love and fellowship. Sustaining focus and motivation.
The feeling of love. Going up to say my grandfather is dying.
Pleased that Melody is running and you are dancing.
The idea of leading from the inside out. The general concept of standing up for “feminine” in a male-dominated world
Having people like you. Being a man in a man’s world.
Compacting one’s thoughts.
Balance: Dearest subject to me! Having my parents-in-law with us today.  I know they have different view.
Harmony: The balance of the notes in our lives organized to provide beauty Appreciate all of the notes because without all it is just noise.

A Call for the Conscious Feminine


Part One of two posts on The Conscious Feminine

I Been ‘Buked and I Been Scorned

So goes the old gospel hymn, which Mahalia Jackson sang at the March on Washington, 50 years ago.

photoAnd so goes the Feminine in our society, as I’ve seen it: ‘Buked, and Scorned. At least, that’s been my experience, especially as I’ve moved into the business world. That’s what I see as we continue to plunder the Earth in the name of corporate profits, the military-industrial complex, and “progress.”

Here’s the first of two sermons I wrote, as a call to bring the Conscious Feminine back into our world and save the planet — and us — from destruction.  You can watch the video here.

Awakening the Conscious Feminine in Today’s World

I invite your comments.  Perhaps you could list one gift, and one challenge, that you got from watching this video.